Emmerdale spoilers: Are Victoria Sugden and Matty Barton falling in love?

Victoria is confused by her feelings for Matty as the two friends get even closer. Could romance be blossoming between the pair?

Victoria Sugden got a right fright when the “thief” breaking into her van turned out to be her one-time frenemy Hannah Barton, now living life as Matty Barton.

Since Matty told her the truth about his transition to life as a man, Victoria has been spending more and more time with Matty. But when the pair find themselves getting a bit too close for comfort, Victoria is confused by her feelings. Is she romantically attracted to Matty? In a panic, Victoria runs off. Will she push Matty away?

Elsewhere, Ryan’s adoptive mum Irene arrives to offer Charity another chance to get know her long-lost son. But after messing things up with Ryan last time around, will it be second time lucky for nervous Charity?

And three’s a crowd when Tracy interrupts her estranged hubby David’s latest date with married woman Maya. Tracy has been warned about Maya by her bitter husband Dr Liam Kavanagh. But will David listen when Tracy tries to warn him about the new lady in his life?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7:00pm on ITV