Emmerdale spoilers! Will Cain Dingle find out the truth about the shooting?

Cain is on the warpath and wants answers about the shock shooting at Home Farm. But will Graham tell him the truth?

Cain Dingle is on the warpath and looking for answers after last week’s shock shooting at Home Farm.

But when he confronts Joe’s right-hand man, Graham at Home Farm, will Cain discover the truth about what really happened? And will he want revenge?

Meanwhile, Brenda’s not done making life a misery for love cheats Bob and Laurel. But what will Bob do when woman scorned Brenda involves twins Heath and Cathy in her vendetta? Will Bob put his foot down and decide enough is enough?

Brenda involves the twins in her vendetta against Bob and Laurel. (Picture: ITV)

And there are more squabbles at the Spencer house when Amelia wants her Uncle Daz to come over but dad Dan says no. Is Amelia getting closer to discovering the truth about who her biological dad is?

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