Emmerdale spoilers! Will Frank Clayton discover Megan Macey cheated?

Things are tense when Megan bumps into secret lover Graham in The Woolpack. Will Megan's fiance Frank notice what's going on?

Wedding planner Megan Macey may be engaged to Frank, but it could all go horribly wrong if the truth about her bedtime fun romp with Graham comes out!

So far, Frank’s daughter Tracy has decided not to expose the couple’s affair as long as Megan steers clear of Graham. But in a village the size of Emmerdale sometimes it’s hard to avoid people. So when they all end-up in The Woolpack at the same time, will Frank notice the awkward atmosphere between Megan and Graham?

Meanwhile, Vanessa comforts Charity who is in turmoil over what has happened…

Emmerdale continues weekdays at 7:00pm on ITV