Emmerdale spoilers: Will Maya Stepney and Jacob Gallagher meet Liv Flaherty’s blackmail demands?

Teenage blackmailer Liv has upped her demands from £5,000 to £10,000! Will twisted teacher Maya be forced to sell her car to keep the scandal underwraps?

The clock is ticking for secret lovers Maya Stepney and Jacob Gallagher, now Jacob’s bitter girlfriend Liv Flaherty has discovered the truth about the school teacher’s forbidden affair with her student and is blackmailing them for £10,000!

Afraid Liv will spill the beans to Maya’s boyfriend David Metcalfe, who is also teenager Jacob’s dad, the pair have been scrambling around trying to work out ways to raise the blackmail money.

But when David wonders why Maya has suddenly decided to sell her car, will he believe her when she lies she needs the money to cover the costs of her divorce from Liam Cavanagh?

Max and Billy fight in Emmerdale

Fight! Billy lashes out after Max threatens his family… (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, after Ellis Chapman sabotages the robbery his brother Billy Fletcher was about to get involved in with gangster Max, Billy remains afraid of what Max is going to do to retaliate.

And it’s not long before Max storms round to Tall Trees, threatening Billy’s whole family… causing fists to fly!

Aaron and Robert worry that their surrogacy dream is over in Emmerdale

Will Aaron’s criminal past ruin his chances of becoming a dad? (Picture: ITV)

Elsewhere, dads-to-be Aaron Dingle and his husband Robert Sugden think everything is on track with potential surrogate mum, Natalie.

But when the details of both Aaron and his teenage sister Liv’s criminal pasts resurface, will the couple’s surrogacy dream be over?

First episode of Emmerdale tonight.