Emmerdale spoilers: Will Sam Dingle be killer Lachlan’s next victim?

It's not looking good for Sam when he gets on the wrong side of village killer Lachlan. Then later, Lachlan's girlfriend Belle finds a bloody jacket...

Already fearing the net is closing in on him, Lachlan tries to keep his cool when the police arrive in the village to question him about recent events. But later, an unfortunate Sam Dingle finds himself in danger when he discovers Lachlan’s darkside. Is Sam about to become killer Lachlan’s next murder victim? Will anybody ever be able to stop Lachlan’s killing spree?

Meanwhile, as the list of suspicious villagers continues to grow, Belle can only wonder if the wicked whispers are true when she finds a hoodie covered in blood! What is going on?

Elsewhere in the village, Noah is worried when he finds older brother Joe drowning his sorrows with a bottle of booze and desperate to get his hands on more. But who can Noah call to help him before Joe truly spirals out of control?

And Matty continues to hide his secret feelings for Victoria when she is asked out on a date. Will he ever pluck up the courage to say how he really feels?

Plus, it’s Dr Cavanagh to the rescue when Faith has an allergic reaction to one of beautician Bernice’s face masks!

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