Emmerdale spoilers! Zak Dingle clashes with his new doggy best friend’s owner

Zak Dingle meets stray dog Monty's real owner who is cruel to the mutt

Zak Dingle is forced to hand back the stray dog he befriended and named Monty when Rhona finds its owner. But when Zak (Steve Halliwell) notices Monty’s owner being cruel to the mutt, will he step in and speak up?

At the hospital, Debbie is devastated when Sarah tells her she won’t have any more treatment. Can the mum get her daughter, who is waiting for a vital donor heart transplant, to change her stubborn teenage mind?

Megan refuses to give up when Frank tells her he’s moving on with someone else. Will Frank give her a second chance when she insists she’s still madly in love with him?

David and Maya are dealing with issues of the heart, too. They want to tell Jacob and Leanna that they’re in a relationship but are well aware they’re going to meet serious opposition in doing so.