Emotions are high at the memorial service

There’s tension at the village memorial service for those who died in the helicopter crash. At first, it’s caused by Debbie’s appearance. Everyone knows Val and Ruby are dead, but no one except Pete is sure about what happened to Ross. Still, Emma blames Debbie for Pete’s misery and Ross’s disappearance so it’s more than a little awkward when Debbie takes a pew. The tension shifts its focus to Ashley, though, when he mixes up the names at the start of the memorial. He’s clearly not coping.

Ashley’s forgetfulness also puts Sandy in danger… Ashley has forgotten to book a taxi to pick up Sandy after his hospital appointment. Sandy can get the bus. Except, while Sandy’s waiting for one, he’s confronted by some unfriendly youths.

Jai has to face his angry father, Rishi, who tells him he’s ashamed of him. Later, Rishi and Priya try to comfort Megan over losing her baby and she asks them to be discreet about the miscarriage. Also, Leyla has to face the prospect of unemployment when Megan tells her she has to shut up shop.