It’s Leanne and Peter’s wedding anniversary, but Peter’s haunted by reminders of the tram crash and drains the remains of the vodka. At the crash site Peter asks Nick how he copes with what happened to Ashley. Admitting it spurs him on to make the most of his life Peter’s thoughtful. The memorial’s underway, but when the vicar introduces Peter he’s nowhere to be found. Ken steps into the breach and makes a speech as Leanne worries. Peter storms into the corner shop and grabs a bottle of vodka, refusing to listen to Dev. Carla goes after him, but he has succumbed to his demons.

For Tyrone the memorial’s an emotional reminder of what he’s lost, but with Kirsty by his side he gets through it. So when Kirsty tells Tyrone that Tina and Tommy are making her feel like an outsider he vows to sort it out.

Lloyd and Stella are avoiding each other after Lloyd’s clumsy pass. But when Karl insists on taking Lloyd to the pub for a pint to thank him for helping out on Monday he feels unable to say no.

Also, Faye refuses to have anything to do with Owen’s pond while David and Kylie mock his nerdiness.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Ken’s filled with dread as Dev reveals Peter took drink from the shop. Deciding to keep it from Leanne till he’s found Peter he heads to the flat. But Peter’s not there – Carla’s taken him to hers to talk. She’s understanding and doesn’t judge as Peter admits he’s glad she found him. Opening up about his alcoholism Peter’s defeatist, but Carla urges him to fight it, insisting he has everything to live for. Back on the street Ken’s forced to tell Leanne that Peter’s gone AWOL. Leanne’s shattered, but as Peter draws strength from Carla he realises she’s the only woman he can really be himself with. Carla tells Peter to go home to his wife, but Peter can’t walk away from the woman he really loves.

When Kirsty has another dig at Tina, warning her off Tyrone, she heads home fuming, where Tommy tries to console her. But at the pub Tyrone‘s determined not to be maudlin and stuns Kirsty by asking her to move in with him.

When Kylie cracks a joke about Owen’s plastic heron he offers a harsh putdown in response. Vengeful David has an idea, and battle between the neighbours commences when Owen’s heron goes walkabout.

Also, Stella feels awkward when Karl fetches Lloyd into the pub.