Heston arrives for the piano concert and is pleased to find that his partner is Ruhma, until she confesses that she knows about his history of violence. Heston explains that he was in a troubled relationship, forcing Ruhma to confess that she has also been the victim of domestic abuse. Heston tentatively reaches a hand across the table and Ruhma grasps it tightly. 

A drunk Ayesha falls over on a night out with Sid. Humiliated, she becomes aggressive and wails that she’s turning into her mum. Later, she tries to snog Sid but he rebuffs her – telling her what she really needs is some chips and a coke. Ayesha pulls a face but really, she feels quite touched.

Emma assesses Ken, who has been assaulted by a young lad, Daryl. Daryl asserts that Ken is a paedophile and he posed as a kid in an internet chat room, trying to draw him out. Ken’s adamant he’s innocent and Daryl leaves the station swearing that he’s not going to give up.