Mick and Linda wonder if they’ve come to the end of the road.

Mick and Linda face up to each other after the disastrous lunch, as Woody and Whitney make an awkward exit. As the row escalates, Linda admits that she’s not sure she can move on. At his wits’ end, Mick blurts out that if Linda can’t put the kiss behind them, then it might be the end of their marriage…

There’s stress in the Beale household when Steven and Lauren tell Jane and Ian they need to tell them something. Having just talked to Bobby, they are already in an emotional state when Steven hits them with the news that he has a tumour. Ian is devastated.

Max apologises to Carmel for being in a mood with her. To try and smooth things over, he agrees to go to a council do. Fi is not impressed when Max cancels their plans to accompany Carmel.

Also, Keanu offers to go to parenting classes with Bernadette.