Is this the end for Nate and Ricky?

Nate and Ricky can't stop fighting

Ricky is knocked for six when she the postman delivers a birthday card for Casey from Brax. She hides the card to avoid further tension, but when she pops out to The Diner, Nate finds it and is furious. When Ricky arrives home, Nate blames Brax for their marriage woes.

Ricky turns to Ash and the pair decide she should make an effort and fight for her marriage. So Ricky gets dressed up and decides to surprise Nate at a work function. However, Nate is determined to forget his marriage problems and won’t stop drinking, prompting Ricky to leave.

When Ash and Kat bump into Josh, Kat takes him to the side and says she can’t keep covering for him. Later, Sergeant McCarthy tells Kat they are reopening the Charlotte King case…

Olivia feels terrible when John tells her that Skye has run off with Tank. She calls her friend, but Skye refuses to pick up and reassures Tank that running away together is the right thing to do.