Sean Connery is a slick cat burglar, with his very own Scottish castle no less, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, complete with a convincing American accent, is an insurance investigator who tracks him down.

Her devious scheme becomes clear as she seduces Connery into a daring, multi-million-dollar robbery that sees them scaling some dangerous heights in Kuala Lumpur on Millennium Eve.

‘Has there ever been anyone you couldn’t manipulate, beguile or seduce?’ a bemused Connery asks his new partner. ‘No,’ she replies.

Secretly, he tapes her phone conversations with her boss (Will Patton), although the latter seems to be in league with Connery’s back-up man (Ving Rhames). Or is it some kind of double-bluff?

There are several twists too many, but the surprising chemistry between the stars delivers chuckles and suspense all the way in this crowd-pleasing caper.