Eoghan confronts Brendan!

Ste offers a saddened Brendan a shoulder to cry on when Lynsey’s body arrives for viewing. But later, Brendan is still fixated by the coffin, full of emotion. Eoghan enters and as Brendan tries to comfort him, Eoghan lashes out, blaming Brendan for not protecting his sister. Still with the upper hand, Eoghan goads Brendan about their past, but when Brendan questions why he’s never ‘come out’ he’s stumped.

It’s Browning’s day in court and Cheryl and Eoghan go along, but Cheryl can’t believe it when Dr. Browning pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Lynsey’s murder. She decides to go in search of answers from an unlikely source.

Also, Lacey snubs a confused Dylan in pursuit of another beau, while the pressures of parenthood take their toll on Nancy.