After last week’s revelation that Preston’s pal Eddie is the Fairview strangler, this episode looks back at the teen’s turbulent life since early childhood. Forever humiliated by his alcoholic mother and haunted by her nasty break-up with his dad, we see how Eddie gradually became a monster.

As a child, he was, however, befriended by the ladies of Wisteria Lane. When Eddie was four, Mary Alice scolded his mum for leaving him at home without a babysitter while she got drunk at a bar, meanwhile Gaby showed him some friendly attention by getting him to help her move into her new house on Wisteria Lane. That friendship ended when Eddie walked in on Gaby and Carlos ‘christening’ the bath. Susan took an interest in his incredible drawing skills, while Bree gave him tips on romance, but then the housewife seemed to trample all over his desire to date her daughter Danielle.

All these friendships were unable to give him the true love he sought, and gradually resentment took hold and turned him evil. All of Eddie’s attacks are shown, including his first murder of a prostitute and the shocking killing of his mum, unwittingly stumbled upon by Lynette. She’d arrived at the house to ask Eddie to move in with her family, she sees his mum lying on the floor and assumes she’d passed out drunk. Eddie accepts Lynette’s kind offer before heading off to bury his mum…

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