Eric’s had enough of Gloria as she flicks through holiday brochures and decides to present Eva with a beautiful necklace. She’s flattered but when Eric tells her he’s not going to marry Gloria and wants to travel the world with her instead she’s shocked.

Gail is horrified as she realises that Nick could be the father of Kylie’s baby. Kylie’s had surgery for a ruptured spleen and as they wait for news Nick begs Gail not to tell David. As David frets about the baby a guilty Gail wonders whether to reveal the horrible truth.

At Steph’s party, Katy’s friends make a play for Ryan the DJ, but Ryan only has eyes for Katy. But as she lets her hair down, Ryan starts to notice there’s more to Katy than he first thought!  

Also, Steve suggests painting the new tortoise the same colour as Flash then Mandy will never know, and when Faye rejects Owen’s attempts to build bridges he admits to Izzy how much he wants to be Faye’s dad but feels pushed out by Tim. Izzy has a go at Anna for failing to support Owen and letting Faye treat him like dirt.