Zeedan asks Gary if he can score him some steroids, but he refuses, horrified. A delighted Zeedan confirms to Sharif that Gary definitely isn’t dealing drugs. Realising that Gary has been scoring dope for Izzy, Erica warns him not to jeopardise his job.

When Luke calls in the salon with flowers for Maria, Kylie suggests he delivers them to the restaurant where Maria’s meeting her friend. Luke’s shocked to find Maria there with Pablo. Maria explains Pablo’s parents don’t know he’s gay and she married him so he can be with his British boyfriend. She tries to justify her marriage to Luke, Steph and Kirk, but Luke heads off upset and Maria’s devastated.

When Tyrone explains that he’s collecting scrap metal to raise some cash, Rita offers him her old washing machine. At No 9, Cathy suggests to Fiz she should be supportive as he’s doing this for the family.

Nick makes David promise not to tell anyone about his recent trauma.