When Anna finds a condom wrapper in the bin at No. 13, after Faye has initiated sex with Seb, Anna’s on the warpath. Kevin tries to speak up for Faye but Anna turns on him for his lack of support and Kevin slams out.

Meanwhile, Erica’s gobsmacked to learn that Dev has forgotten her birthday and planned a golf trip to Scotland. Livid, she orders Dev to go to Scotland, take his kids with him and leave her in peace. Over a bottle of wine, Erica moans to Kevin about Dev. Kevin sympathises but when Erica leans in for a kiss will he respond?

Aidan tells Maria he’s been sent a photo of them kissing and Maria urges him to come clean to Eva today. Aidan tries desperately to get Eva on her own in order to dump her.

Brian and Cathy plan to spend time together in the flat. But when Zeedan encounters Roy on the street, he decides it’s time he knew the truth and sends him up to the flat to see Brian.