Erin propositions Karl

Sonya’s wracked with guilt over the tension between Cat and Erin, but Toadie insists she’s not to blame. Meanwhile, a stressed Erin turns up at Karl’s office, wanting something to take the edge off. When Karl refuses, Erin propositions him and then breaks down. She begs Karl to help her reconnect with Cat, and he reluctantly agrees. Seeking out Toadie, Karl asks that he pass a letter from Erin on to Cat. Torn, Toadie leaves the decision to Sonya.

Matt refuses to abandon his plans to buy the house and Lauren agrees to support him. Meanwhile, Bailey and Paige share an honest conversation and when Lauren overhears, she’s surprised by their maturity. She reports back to Matt, and the pair tell the kids that they’re prepared to go ahead with the sale – with no strings attached.

Terese is in the mood for love when she notices Brad’s newfound motivation to get back into making surfboards. However, during their romantic encounter, Brad accidentally spills one of the toxic chemicals used to make the boards and stores it in an empty water bottle. Later, Karl unknowingly picks it up when he leaves. When Brad realises he urgently tries to track Karl down, but Karl doesn’t answer his phone.