Erinsborough is shocked as Paige is unmasked

Reeling after her discovery of the two teddy bears, Lauren is at first shocked to discover they’re Paige’s, then devastated to find she’s gone. Desperate, Lauren hunts her down and manages to catch her just as she’s about to leave town. The reunion between mother and daughter is heartfelt, tentative, but ultimately a step in the right direction. However, when Lauren introduces Brad to his daughter, his response is more tempered.

As the news spreads, Paige is forced to explain herself to a wary Matt and Terese, who, while both saying the right things, privately feel very different. Bailey and Daniel urge Amber to try to make a fresh start with Paige. But her wariness seems to be vindicated when Amber discovers Paige’s sketchbook with all of the sketches of the Willis and Turner family members, along with the unflattering captions.

Beginning to feel the impact of Paige on their family’s lives, Lauren pleads with Brad to accept their daughter, giving Paige the support she needs to stay in Erinsborough. He finally agrees, but unbeknownst to both of them, after Matt shares his suspicions about Paige with Terese, they vow to exclude Paige from their lives.