Esther hits the jackpot!

Trevor and Grace are being hounded by Big Bob, who wants £50k from them by the end of the week. Meanwhile, a delivery man turns up at the club to drop off Mercedes’ drinks order, but a confused Nana turns them away. Mercedes is on the warpath and Grace takes the blame. Later, Nana makes an even bigger mistake…

Later, George and Phoebe host a fashion exhibit of Esther’s designs but, when she gets a scathing review online, Esther’s furious and throws all her dresses in the bin – and finds a bag of money! Esther thinks she’s hit the jackpot – but could she be putting herself in danger?

Nico’s mortified when she turns up at the boat, which has been decked out for her party. Dodger’s speech only adds to Nico’s guilt and she runs off. Sienna finds her at home without her dress on and wrestles with her daughter to put it back on. Nico decides she can’t play along with Sienna’s sick lies any more – she must tell Dodger!

Also, Sinead is forced to tell someone close a shocking truth.