Esther meets ‘Rosie’

Maddie, Ruby and Sinead are revealed as Esther’s internet pal, Rosie. As Esther waits to meet her friend, she gets a call – it’s ‘Rosie’ and she’s being followed. Esther panics when she hears a scream and thinks she sees a dead body. She’s terrified as someone grabs her, but as the other sixth formers reveal themselves, they notice Esther has wet herself with fear.

Rhys asks Cindy to run away with him, but as she’s about to accept, Annalise calls – Tony’s crashed the minibus taking them to see the wedding venue. Cindy’s relieved to hear that Tony’s fine – maybe she does love him after all. Meanwhile, Tony’s worried his injuries might be more serious.

Jacqui is eager to show her commitment to Rhys, but after seeing Rhys with Cindy, Myra wants his guts for garters. Rhys tells Jacqui their marriage is broken, just as she announces she’s changing her name to Ashworth, prompting Myra to step in.

Brendan is shocked to see Ste smashing up the deli and Ste realises they’re the same person – they both hurt people they love. Doug tentatively accepts Ste’s apology, but Brendan still lingers in the back of his mind.