Doctor Ethan Hardy hopes his secret torment will finally be over when the results of the inquest into Scott Ellisson’s death are finally made public in this week’s Casualty.

Unknown to his colleagues Ethan (George Rainsford) refused to save Scott as he choked to death in the ED after Scott murdered Ethan’s brother Cal Knight. Since then Ethan’s been trapped in a sleepless, living nightmare, haunted by what he didn’t do…

Ethan is haunted by the moment he let Scott die

Guilty Ethan wrestles with his conscience when the inquest rules an accidental death following Scott’s fall from the ED balcony. When exhausted Ethan falls asleep at work, he’s taunted by Scott (Will Austin making a special guest reappearance) in his dreams! Later, after Ethan fails to make a critical diagnosis, as a patient’s life hangs in the balance, irate clinical lead Connie Beauchamp (Amanda Mealing) takes over his case and gives him a stern talking to! Feeling he’s a danger, Ethan writes a letter of resignation to Connie confessing he killed Scott!

While Connie’s in her office reading Ethan’s confession, worn out Ethan is on the hospital roof contemplating that he’s a killer… Will he do something drastic?

Lily’s best laid wedding plans go awry

Also this week, Lily (Crystal Yu) is let down by Ethan who promised to be her plus-one at a family wedding. Her ex Iain spots an opportunity to gloat before offering his services. But when their journey to the wedding goes off course, and later Iain (Michael Stevenson) has to lie about being a doctor to impress Lily’s ambitious aunt, will they be brought closer together or driven even further apart?

Elsewhere, Dylan is hiding refugee Sanosi on his houseboat. However, when Dylan gets into an accident while chasing a thief in the marina it’s up to David to rescue the injured doctor. With, David not being the most practical person, things soon take a turn for the worse… Will they be caught harbouring Sanosi?