Ethan feels trapped by Liberty

Theresa feigns happiness when Liberty reveals Myra agreed, while she was drunk, to let her move into Theresa’s room. Liberty is over the moon while Theresa struggles to hide her concern, especially when her new room mate starts banging on about Will and Ethan. Things go from bad to worse when Liberty forces a reluctant Theresa into a double date.

Jenny is hell bent on getting her brother’s money and is certain that Warren has it. Meanwhile, Mitzeee sees Jenny and on seeing Warren’s reaction becomes jealous, wondering whether she is more than just an ex. Warren denies it but Mitzeee decides to stalk the female stranger to find out more. Meanwhile, Jenny looks like she’s seen a ghost when someone in the village recognises her, but not as Jenny!

Jamil calls Doug and asks him to come round, he’s worried about Texas – she’s been out all night. Doug insists she’ll be fine but when Texas arrives back, looking like the cat who got the cream, they can only conclude she’s met a new man.

Also, Nancy is furious when Darren reads her copy for Mitzeee’s book and offers some constructive criticism. She’s further riled when Mitzeee is over the moon at the copy she emailed her. A livid Nancy covers, knowing full well that Darren sent the email.

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