Ethan is fired up for his new role as clinical lead!

Will Ethan fire Dylan on his first day as acting clinical lead?

Ethan Hardy is buoyant since finding out he’s been made a consultant. This week he’s suited, booted and ready for his new role – and he has some news for the team… not only is he now a consultant, he’s also acting clinical lead since Dylan Keogh resigned from the post!

Following his resignation Dylan goes on a bender, with far-reaching consequences…

Morale at the ED is low, so when eager Ethan (George Rainsford) makes his big announcement, the reaction is decidedly underwhelming. Nevertheless, he’s determined to make his mark on the ED. However, events throughout the day – including actual clinical lead Connie Beauchamp making an appearance and the discovery that Dylan is drinking on the job – mean the ED ends up making its mark on Ethan!

Before the day is over, inexperienced clinical lead Ethan must make a decision which could make or break Dylan’s career. Will Ethan fire Dylan or choose to walk away from the demanding promotion?

Down but is he out too? Dylan is haunted by his alcoholic loss of control

Meanwhile, doctor Dylan Keogh’s shocking story reaches new lows. After a heavy night on the booze, Dylan (William Beck) is haunted by flashbacks. He can remember being kicked out of a busy bar, but does he remember being treated by nurse Louise Tyler on the booze bus?

Spare a thought for Louise who must choose between reporting Dylan and keeping patients safe

Elsewhere, Louise (Azuka Oforka) is faced with a dilemma when disheveled and hungover Dylan attempts a life-or-death procedure on a patient. When her attempts to reach out to Dylan are sarcastically rebuffed she’s put in the terrible position of reporting him to Ethan.

Also this week, Connie is in her element helping and advising fellow cancer patients. When Ray, husband to cancer sufferer Maggie, collapses Connie ends up treating him. Will her sudden return to the ED help or hinder Ethan as he struggles to fill her vertiginous clinical lead shoes?