The past comes back to haunt doctor Ethan Hardy this week when heavily pregnant Leigh-Anne Carr is admitted to the ED after her water’s break. Unknown to him, Leigh-Anne is the former girlfriend of Scott Ellisson – the man who killed Ethan’s brother Cal. The same Scott Ellisson who Ethan later intentionally allowed choke to death in the ED!

The dark days aren’t over for Ethan, who walked away as Scott Ellisson lay dying

It’s a difficult birth, but Ethan manages to gain Leigh-Anne’s trust. However, when she opens up to him that she hates Holby ED because it’s where Scott and his father died Ethan goes into shock!

At first, stricken with grief and guilt, he tries to fob off Leigh-Anne’s care to Jacob. But when Ethan discovers Leigh-Anne’s been evicted that morning he has a change of heart.

Ethan is conflicted after he delivers Scott Ellisson’s baby son

Desperate for redemption, he decides he’ll do everything he can for Leigh-Anne and evil Scott’s baby son. But will he own up to his part in Scott Ellisson’s death?

Elsewhere, Charlie Fairhead takes over as clinical nurse manager following Jacob Masters’ (Charles Venn) shock resignation from the post. Duffy is already missing her hubby, as he’s going to work earlier and coming home later. Will Charlie and Duffy struggle to juggle his new working life?

Meanwhile, Robyn is on leave following the tragic death of her husband, Glen. Duffy lets Ethan know the grieving bride is keen to come back to work but Ethan advises against it.

Sam starts questioning her past relationships. Will she find the answers she’s looking for?

This week Sam goes out on a limb and asks ex-husband Dylan out to dinner. When Dylan declines in his usual dour manner Sam ends up confiding in paramedic pal, Iain – who she had an affair with while married to Dylan! Does Sam have unresolved feelings for both Dylan and Iain?

Bea’s sting! Will she report a drink driver to the police?

Also this week, Bea becomes privy to a patient’s terrible secret following a drink-driving road traffic accident. Will Bea keep silent even though it potentially means perverting the course of justice? And Noel goes head-to-head with a bailiff!