Doctor Ethan Hardy faces the toughest hospital shift in his career this week. With the ED full to bursting and put on black alert, Ethan almost reaches breaking point when he can’t find a bed for dying patient Flossie, and is unable to give another, suicidal patient, the care and attention he needs.

Meanwhile his brother, Cal Knight, is contemplating telling Ethan they’re both adopted and may have inherited Huntington’s Disease from their birth mother. But when Cal sees show stressed out Ethan is, he decides to keep it to himself for a while longer…

Also this week, Lofty is a bag of nerves at his interview for the Band 6 nursing position. Having hospital CEO Henrik Hanssen attend the interview does nothing for his confidence, either!

However, some quick thinking from the nurse, after the hospital is put on black alert, not only impresses his superiors, but it also wins him the new job!

Dixie is unimpressed when she receives flowers and a thank you note from Jess, as the harassment complaints still stands. Later, when Jess makes a move on Dixie, the principled paramedic turns her down.

And Zoe is back from American where she was spending time with former flame Nick Jordan!