Eva accuses Nick of having an affair! (VIDEO)

Tortured by thoughts of Nick and Kylie, Eva wants revenge. At the Bistro Nick’s asked Kylie to waitress for the civic dinner, which only fuel’s Eva’s theory. Sean’s in the kitchen making hotpots, much to Stella’s annoyance and she threatens legal action. As Nick tends to the mayor he enjoys feeling important, but as the mayor tucks into his hotpot he nearly chokes – it’s too spicy! Nick apologises, but Eva calls everyone to attention revealing she added the extra kick to the hotpot as her boyfriend has been by having an affair with his brother’s wife.

Sunita’s anxious when Dev reveals he’s invited Stella and Karl over for dinner and tells Karl he needs to get out of it. Karl does his best, but it isn’t enough to convince Stella to change their plans.

It’s Kirsty’s birthday this week, but Tyrone’s surprised to discover it’s her 30th and is determined to make an effort no matter what she says.

Also, after the date from hell Maria’s convinced her love life is doomed, so Marcus says he’ll find a man for her; Peter and Leanne head to court to see if an agreement can be reached on Simon, but Peter won’t accept anything but full custody.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

It’s chaos in the Bistro as Kylie and Nick try to defend themselves. The red mist has descended for David and Nick struggles to calm him. Warning Eva to go home, Nick and Kylie are forced to tell David everything about how Nick found her at the strip bar and convinced her to come back. Nick leaves David and Kylie to talk. As an ashamed Kylie reveals all about her weeks away David accept her story. Meanwhile, Eva’s apologetic when Nick reveals she got it wrong.

It’s tense at the Alahans’ as Sunita squirms, but an oblivious Dev and Stella are having a great time as they put Asha’s karaoke machine to use. Sunita and Karl are desperate to make plans of their own, but when Stella suggests they all hook up again they’re trapped.

Peter refuses to compromise when Leanne suggests cutting out the legal eagles and coming to an agreement on shared custody privately. Carla’s frustrated by his stubbornness, but Peter isn’t prepared to listen to anyone.

Also, as Tyrone make plans to throw a surprise birthday party for Kirsty he goes through her address book and invites her parents.