Eva accuses the wrong woman!

After a tip-off from Jenny, Eva accuses Aidan and Alya of having an affair.

When Aidan invites Alya round to the flat to talk business, Jenny assumes they’re arranging a lovers’ tryst. Jenny, playing the concerned friend, tells Eva that Aidan is having an affair with Alya and she’ll find them at the flat now.

Eva barges into the flat, but she’s mortified to find a perfectly innocent business meeting taking place. Aidan tears a strip off Jenny, but they’re interrupted by a visit from the police!

Steve and Liz plan a baby shower for Michelle and having run the idea by Simon, Eva decides to organise a surprise party for Leanne too. As the Barlows gather for Daniel’s birthday dinner, Peter receives a text from his girlfriend and heads out leaving Simon unimpressed. As Peter meets his lady secretly in the flower shop flat they kiss passionately. Will Simon cover for him?

Will Cathy make Roy have second thoughts about moving?

Billy explains to Todd how he spent the night in a bus shelter with Shona, but will it be enough to coax the Grimshaws into letting Shona stay? Steph’s friend Peggy is smitten with Robert.