Simon helps Toyah carry a cot from the car into the pub leaving her keys in the car. Tyler spots this and persuades Simon to let him take the car for a spin. When Toyah facetimes Eva Price and notices she looks unwell, she tells her she is coming over but panics when her car keys are missing. Simon returns with the car but says he found a direct debit in the car for a cottage in Lymm, she tells Simon it was a surprise for Peter but Leanne is suspicious when Toyah covers for Simon with Peter.

Meanwhile at the cottage, Eva has gone into labour but has got herself locked in the bathroom without her phone. Toyah arrives to hear Eva’s screams coming from the bathroom.

Sally and Yasmeen argue over the cost of the bird feeder but Yasmeen is distracted by Geoff asking her to meet him at the Bistro. Yasmeen confides in Rita who encourages her to go for it. When Audrey meets Rita in the bistro she spots Geoff and unaware he is waiting for Yasmeen asks him to join them.

Jude panics when he spots Angie arriving at the Marine life Centre and sets off a nearby fire alarm as a distraction.

Beth hits on a money making scheme for Kirk when she overhears Amy charging Ken £21 a week to walk Eccles. Kate tells Rana to stop giving Zeedan false hope after Rana tells her about him kissing her.

First episode of the evening.