Eva and Jason kiss

In a bid to escape the karaoke, Jason suggests Eva join him at his house for a drink. Eva accepts and, as the couple grow merrier, we sense where this is leading and when Jason moves in for a kiss Eva responds to her mum’s ex.

As Hayley insists she’s determined not to be defined by her illness, Roy vows to be strong for her. With the karaoke underway (one of Hayley’s requests) she sets about enjoying Roy’s birthday celebrations. Hayley’s adamant she’s going nowhere till she’s taught Roy to drive, done a spot of ballroom dancing and spent more time with Hope and Ruby as Fiz and Tyrone have asked them to be surrogate grandparents. But it’s clear that she is disappointed by Christian’s lack of contact.

As Chesney and Sinead spend their first night alone at No.5, there’s a sense of excitement about what the future holds for them.

Also, feeling railroaded into booking a trip to Paris, Tim lies to Sally that he has to work away next week and begs Jason to play along.