Eva and Jimmi catch up for old times’ sake

Jimmi gets a phone call from Eva, who asks to meet him that evening at The Icon, just like old times. Julia asks Jimmi if he knows what he’s doing – he insists he’s just going through the motions to make Cherry happy.

Later at The Icon, Jimmi and Eva greet each other with an awkward hug. Eva makes Jimmi guess the name of her secret identity and their awkwardness begins to thaw. Finally, he guesses correctly, she was called Maggie, she always liked that name. Jimmi says he hasn’t forgotten anything about her.

Jimmi tells Eva he’s angry – he never chose that life; he lost Eva and then Cherry’s life was at risk. He thanks her for a nice evening and leaves. Angry Eva follows him – leaving him was the hardest decision ever and she’s regretted it ever since. Eva kisses Jimmi and says she’ll see him tomorrow.

Also, when Karen persuades a patient to follow his artistic inclinations and escape his domineering mother, the bucket club finds themselves more involved in their art class than they ever expected.