Eva continues to try and make Nick jealous (VIDEO)

Jason’s puzzled when Eva insists on going to the Bistro for their date, feeling awkward around Nick. He does his best to charm her by trying to make her laugh, but Eva’s not in the mood. Meanwhile, Eva wants to cry on Nick’s shoulder about Stella and Karl, but Nick doesn’t play ball.

Eva quizzes Karl about what she saw last night. Karl denies there’s anything going on between him and Sunita, but Eva can’t bear it and tells her mum what she overheard and about the money she saw in Karl’s pocket. Stella assumes he’s gambling again and, going in search of proof, she finds the 7000 pounds that Sunita gave back to Karl. Devastated, Stella throws Karl’s bags out on to the street and tells him it’s over. Steve attempts to plead Karl’s case, but Stella’s determined.

Meanwhile, over at the Alahans, Sunita tells Dev she thought the grass was greener, but she now knows it isn’t and wants to makes things work. Dev’s relieved… until Sunita clumsily proposes!

As Peter and Carla head out to the Bistro Peter’s clearly lost without Simon. Desperate to make Peter happy Carla suggests that they think about having kids of their own.

Also, Tracy and Beth conspire to put a potential viewer off No 13.