Eva throws a sickie so that she can spend the day looking after Marta. She’s clearly not well but refuses point blank to see a doctor. When Aidan calls, Eva hides Marta while she gets rid of him. But Marta reckons she’s causing too much trouble and before Eva can stop her, she does a runner from the flat.

Nick mulls over Robert’s and Leanne’s offers and vows to make a decision by the end of the day. Meanwhile, Richie transfers £30k to Underworld’s account as a down payment on his order, Carla’s steals £10k and hands Tracy the cash. Later, Johnny checks the accounts and confronts Carla about the missing money.

Bethany fails to show up for the school parents’ evening and Gail and Sarah are shocked to discover she’s been bunking off regularly.

Gary promises to try and score some cannabis for Izzy. Mary cajoles Erica and Liz into joining her for a girls’ night out on the town.