Eva sets Duncan up on a date with Anita. But she’s horrified to discover that he’s stood her up. Eva lays into him and he admits that he can’t kiss. Eva lunges herself at him just as Anita rounds the corner.

Steph breaks the news to her family that her cancer’s terminal. Tom angrily flees the house, Darren chases after him when they come across Kevin. Tom opens up about Steph and his bleak view of death. Kevin challenges his attitude towards the afterlife and with his spirits lifted, Tom returns home. Later, Steph confides her own fears to Darren.

Cheryl’s convinced that Malachy’s mystery girl can’t be anything serious and is hopeful that after this brief fling he’ll be ready to move on with her. Troubled by Cheryl’s declaration, Lynsey broaches the subject with Malachy and they fall in to a passionate embrace.

Also, Cheryl hints to India and Tex about their grandfather’s engagement and mentions that he’ll be in The Dog at lunch. India and Tex turn up and angrily accuse Cindy of being a gold-digger. Cindy fights back and Alistair calls for an end to the squabbling. Happy to have heard about her disinterest in his money, Alistair hands a shocked Cindy a prenuptial agreement.

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