Eva is shocked when she discovers Lee in the florist’s flat while on her mission to find Billy

Eva is determined to track down Billy and grills Lee in her attempts to find him

Eva decides that the best way to tug at Billy’s heart strings and bring him back home is to start a campaign and include photos of Summer. Going into the florists flat she is shocked to find Lee coming out of the bedroom.

Tim is stunned when Eileen says she wants him to keep quiet about what Phelan did. Will he agree to keep his council?

Whilst Gemma and Tyrone chat in the street Hope and Ruby slip into the factory unnoticed. Gemma spots them in the factory office but they have locked the door and started an electric saw being used for the renovations. Tyrone smashes the door down and Fiz thanks Gemma for her help but when Tyrone finally admits that Ruby’s behaviour has not improved and lists the things she has done, Fiz is appalled and says she is taking Hope to stay with her at Chesney’s.

Mary tries to get Jude to apply for a job. David is shocked when Gail tells him that Martin is emigrating to New Zealand and that his girlfriend is having a baby.

First episode of the evening.