Billy admits to Sean he’s not been himself lately and suggests they need some time together. Eva clocks Billy handing cash to an ill-kempt young lad in the ginnel and, clearly embarrassed, Billy makes out the lad was a stranger.

Phelan’s put out when Todd announces he’s moving back in as it’s time they pulled together as a family. Later, Phelan meets up with an important building contractor, George Duggan and talks him into giving him a building contract. But when Jason turns up drunk he almost costs them the deal. In the Rovers, Jason blames Liz for Tony’s death as Phelan assures Eileen he’ll always be there for her.

When Alex is late for work again, Cathy’s beside herself with worry. He finally arrives in the cafe, tired and hungover and explains how he had some mates back for a house party and it got a bit out of hand. 

Telling a choked Jason that Tony deserves a good send-off, Tracy hands him a card for Preston’s Petals. Zeedan confides in Alya that Rana’s ignoring his calls.