Eva’s back!

Eva tells Jimmi she’s been brought back for the Harcourt debrief; Eva is awkward, but Jimmi is glad to see her. But before they can catch up Cherry arrives, sees them and leaves straight away and Jimmi can’t catch her. The next day Cherry doesn’t want to talk to Jimmi – she keeps discovering more of his lies.

When they finally talk, Jimmi admits he never expected Eva to turn up, but before he can even try to win Cherry back she tells him firmly that he has to decide – is it her or Eva? Later, Jimmi reluctantly watches Cherry leave, picks up the phone and calls Eva.

Kevin feels that Lauren is giving him the runaround, but ignores Freya’s advice to give her some space. Desperate, he buys Lauren a smart-phone, but later he’s alarmed by the number of male friends Lauren is texting and Julia catches them arguing. As Lauren bunks off early Julia slaps Kevin’s wrists.

Also, when Freya helps a young girl and her family confront an unwanted pregnancy she uncovers a dark family secret.