Eva’s causing trouble for Rob

Eva is causing no end of trouble with the missing pages of Amber’s diary. Despite being suspended she goes to work in the morning as usual. Later, Rob goes to see Anita begging for the missing pages, and the pair go back to the house to search for them. When Eva catches Rob at her house with Anita she calls the police. They turn up at Rob’s house to take him away and Diane tells Sinead that she met Rob while she was a pupil at his school.

Riley goes to the school to talk to the pupils about football training. While in the playground he sees Bart tackle Jason unfairly and warns him to stay away. When Seth wades in Bart reveals to Jason that Seth has been writing things on line behind his back

With Kyle’s trial approaching, Theresa panics that Carmel is close to cracking and that policeman Ethan is getting too close to the truth. She calls Warren who reassures her that if ‘there’s no Kyle, there’s no trial’

Also; Mercedes and Carl continue to flirt with one another. But Carl’s jealousy gets the better of him and he tries to distance Mercedes from his son.

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