Eve comes to terms with her decision

Eve and Al are in over their heads after Eve's decision...

Al is on the phone to the window company that has cheated Eve out of £1,000. Ben overhears Al’s frustration, as he tries to reach the company on the phone and Ayesha fills him in on what has happened. Ben tells Al that he technically can’t do anything, but Al is determined to do something. Later, Eve finds a contract that she has signed and is alarmed to see a workman knocking at her door. She calls Al and shows him the contract – she owes the window company £19,000.

Valerie tracks Ben down and gives him a full account of her triumphant PPG meeting. Ben tells Valerie he knows everything because Ashley has sent him an email gushing about her and the minutes from the meeting will be published online. Valerie is elated and can’t wait to tell everyone about her success, but Karen isn’t exactly thrilled as she can’t stop itching. Does Karen still have scabies?