Dirty flirty Eve is sick of playing Carl’s waiting game. He told her he was going to dump Chas and she wants him to get on with it… Now!… Because she’s struggling to keep her two faces in place. Chas wants to cry on her shoulder over the Aaron/Jackson drama and she just wants to reveal herself as Carl’s mistress. So she decides to do just that. Yes, the truth will hurt (her and Carl more than Chas but she doesn’t know that – yet, but it’s better for everyone. Instead of being grateful that Eve’s doing his dirty work, though, Carl is furious. He tells Eve it’s Chas he wants and she’s to stay away from them. And he really thinks Eve will do what he wants.

It’s Heartbreak Hotel at Marlon’s place as Rhona clears out her stuff. She gives that knife she stuck in Marlon’s heart a sharp twist by telling him she only ever cared for him as a friend. Ouch! Wait until he finds out who she really cares for – his best buddy Paddy.

All Declan cares about is getting total control of Home Farm – but that’s not proving to be as easy as he hoped it would be.

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