Eve gets a call from Jimmy’s mystery woman

Despite what Carl said, Nicola refuses to believe that Jimmy is having an affair. Carl, on the other hand, is more convinced than ever after another call from the mystery woman. This time Eve answers the phone and the woman asks her to get Jimmy to call her and to tell him she’s sorry about what happened. Carl grabs the phone, but the woman has hung up. And now Carl and Eve are hung up on the idea that Jimmy’s got another woman. Eve tells Carl he has to tell Nicola about the calls.

Meanwhile, Declan has told Nicola to check her bank account; it costs money to keep another woman. She’s worried when she sees that Jimmy withdrew 500 pounds in Peterborough. But she’s furious when Carl tells her about the phone calls. It might be better for Jimmy if he stays missing.

It would be better for Lizzie to steer clear of Derek, but when Lisa tells her this Lizzie thinks she’s just jealous. Well, she doesn’t know that the cheerful chappie flirting with her is a rapist!

John doesn’t know that he’s pushing Adam too far – but he’ll soon find out as Adam is going take his turn as the bad Barton child.