Chas has listened to Charity and is going to come up with the perfect plan to make Carl and dirty flirty Eve suffer as much for their betrayal as she has. But there’s no harm in having just a little taste of revenge, is there? And it tastes sweet when Chas puts sticky toffee in Eve’s hat at the village Bonfire Night party and watches the unknowing Eve put the hat on her head. Hee-hee-hee… Chas is very pleased with herself, but that’s nothing compared to what she’s going to do next – to Carl.

The Barton family are also at the bonfire party, as Moira is desperate for her family to return to normal. The trouble is, Holly is not desperate for normality, she wants a fix of something – anything. If she can’t have drugs booze will do and there’s plenty of that lying around at the party. Holly’s soon drunk and asking Adam to get her some drugs.

Aaron needs help, too. He wants to take care of Jackson, he really does, but is he up to the job? It doesn’t look like it when he’s shown just what he’s going to have to do…

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