Eve is upset

Al's suggestion that Eve should leave her home causes upset

Eve wakes up in the morning agitated. She can’t remember exactly what was said between her and Al, but she’s frightened she will have to move out of her house, and Al struggles to calm her down. With Al becoming increasingly worried that his mum is on edge and refuses to listen to him, he calls Ayesha for help. Ayesha tells Al that music usually calms dementia patients down – but will her suggestion work for Eve?

Meanwhile, Valerie tells Ayehsa that she kissed Ashley and is planning to meet him in a hotel room at lunchtime. Ayesha is shocked and disgusted by Valerie’s actions and reminds Valerie that Ashley is a married man!

With Ayesha making it clear she disapproves of her and Ashley, Valerie turns to Zara for advice. Zara tells Valerie to stop wasting time and head to the hotel. Valerie takes Zara’s advice – but will she be able to sleep with Ashley when she arrives at the hotel?