Since Scarlett left, Eve has been at a bit of a loose end; no job and, therefore, no part in the King family. That’s no fun for a schemer like Eve! So, first she persuades Diane to let her work a shift behind the bar at The Woolpack – a move that gets right up Chas’s nose. Then she announces she’s joining Scarlett in Mexico. Ah, the perfect place for someone who loves to make out like a bandit. Edna’s devastated, but Eve’s not changing her mind for anyone.

Leyla’s being stubborn, too. She has taken off with Jacob and is showing no signs of coming back. David keeps trying to reach her by phone and eventually she answers – but only to tell him that she thinks Jacob should know that she’s his real mum. No!

Jared is back in Emmerdale and ready to reveal all about Amy’s murky past – unless she pays up. He introduces himself to Val and Pollard as Amy’s friend, but it’s not friendship he wants from Amy, it’s more money. Amy doesn’t realise he’ll keep coming back for more but Zak does. She tells him the truth about Jared and he tells her she’s got to deal with him before things get out of hand.