Eve wants a one-woman man, not a two-timer

Who would have thought that dirty flirty Eve could be naive? It seems that she thought Carl was all hers, even though he’s still sharing a bed with Chas. When Eve finds out from Scarlett that Chas and Carl still have sex she is not happy. How dare he cheat on her with his girlfriend! But Carl convinces Eve to continue their dangerous liaisons. Eve struggles, though, when she sees Chas kiss Carl and decides she doesn’t want to play with him any more. The problem with that is that Carl still wants to play with her.

Talking of game-players… No one realises it (yet) but Natasha is a grand master. Acting like she holds all the cards, Natasha tells Faye that she doesn’t want Ryan at Mark’s funeral. Faye isn’t prepared to play by Natasha’s rules any more, though and tells Ryan he has to be at the burial. It’s time to shake things up, adds Faye, and see what falls out.

Is anyone happy in the village? Yes! Marlon and Rhona return from the conference/romantic getaway and Marlon is head over heels in love. Rhona’s the one for him, he tells Paddy. But is he the one for her?

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