Evelyn drives a wedge between Hannah and Zac

Denny reveals that she owes money and can’t afford to stay in the Bay much longer. So Oscar steals money from Hannah’s wallet to give to Denny and then hides it in a book he gives her, Denny opens it to find the money and tries to return it to Zac. Zac questions the twins and Evelyn suggests Denny should move into the farm house, leaving Zac worried how Hannah will feel.

Heath asks Ricky to make sure Bianca is alright after admitting his one night stand. Ricky heads to the school and Bianca admits that she’s scared of losing Heath because she won’t give him children. Later, Bianca tells Heath that she doesn’t know how she’ll cope but she wants to meet Jess.

Josh and Matt offer Sasha a lift to school, but then dump her in the middle of nowhere. At school, Matt’s speech is going well and Maddy tells Josh that if Sasha doesn’t turn up it’s his fault. Sasha arrives just in time to overhear Tamara, and realising she’s in the wrong, tells the students to vote for Tamara. Tamara wins the female captaincy and Matt gets elected even though he wasn’t even running. Maddy and Josh realise they’ve both been idiots and make up.

Meanwhile, Ricky gets a voicemail from Adam in prison.