Evelyn fights to keep Josh out of prison

Evelyn doesn’t want to lose Josh

Josh tells Evelyn that he’s planning to confess, but Evelyn refuses to accept his decision and tells him that she doesn’t want to lose someone else she loves. So when Kat comes back into the interview room she is stunned when Josh says nothing about Charlotte murder. Afterwards, she tracks down Evelyn to give her a piece of her mind, but its Kat that’s left shaken when Evelyn makes it clear that Kat should stay away from Josh…

Desperate to get his stepson to study, Zac asks Billie to cool things down. So when VJ asks Billie to hang out, she declines his offer, VJ realises that Zac has said something and Billie relents, but things become tense when VJ drops the “L” word again. Later, Billie finally admits she’s falling in love with VJ.

Olivia is left sickened when she gets a picture of a scared looking Irene with the caption: “I’ve got her.” The pair rush to the police station, where Kat reassures them that they will find Irene.