Evelyn gets her test results

Leah takes Evelyn to the hospital, where they see Hannah. As Evelyn undergoes a series of tests, everyone’s worried when the results confirm the lump is not a cyst. Evelyn tells Zac and Leah not to say a word to Oscar, but Hannah accidently lets the news slip when she sees him on the beach.

Roo sets up a house meeting, but it backfires when Matt launches into a rant about paying for overpriced food. Afterwards, Matt tells Maddy thar if Roo carries on with her bossy demands, he’ll be leaving. So Roo agrees to treat them more like adults.

John’s ready to fly to Italy, so asks Irene if Skye can stay with her. Irene agrees, but Olivia is far from happy about her new roommate. Meanwhile, VJ makes it clear he wants nothing to do with Hunter.

Also, Chris is back to his old self and goes on a date with a girl called Destiny. Things get off to a great start, but when Chris starts talking about Hannah, it’s clear he isn’t ready to date.