After the doctors tell Evelyn that her lump isn’t cancer, she breaks down crying reminded of her mum’s death. Hannah suggests that she, Evelyn and Oscar get tested for the BRCA gene. Hannah thinks it’s a good idea and, after a talk with Maddy, Oscar agrees.

When Maddy notices Roo’s disgust at the mess they’ve caused around the flat she talks to Matt. But, in his haste to help, he washes Maddy’s clothes and ruins her favourite jumper, which leaves her livid.

Nate and Ricky’s relationship is back on track and the couple plan a romantic day together – until Nate sees that Brax left Casey a car. Finding it hard to get over Ricky’s past, Nate goes into work and ditches his plans with Ricky. Leah suggests Ricky makes a fuss of Nate so when Nate returns home, he finds that Ricky has cooked a romantic meal and booked a wedding date to get married this week!