Evelyn reveals her crush to Spencer

Evelyn is unable to throw Spencer off the scent and admits it’s Josh that she really has feelings for. The pair agree to keep her secret, but Spencer is forced to tell Maddy when she see Evelyn acting strangely around Josh. When Josh is asked to partner with Evelyn for their next class assignment, Maddy reveals Evelyn’s secret to Josh. Josh confronts Evelyn over her feelings, but she convinces him its nothing more idle gossip. How long will she be able to keep up the charade?

Denny admits that her relationship with Chris has run its course; however, she’s reluctant to tell him that its over. Andy realises that Denny and Casey have developed feelings for one another, but with Denny still committed to Chris, will these two get it together?

Brax finally manages to get his brothers in the same room for a family barbecue and makes Ricky proud when he opens up to them. Brax is at the centre of his family’s love when Heath tells him he’s grateful that Brax is supporting Harley. Casey also appreciates Brax when he gives him advice on his future plans. However, Phoebe believes that Kyle is keeping something from her about the attack and is left stunned when Kyle confesses her father was behind the brutal assault.

After advising her sisters on their relationship problems, Hannah thinks it’s high time she took charge of her own love life. Hannah decides to apologise to Andy for playing games – but will they be able to pick up where they left off?